Friend Etiquette

• Love your friends and become the object of love of your friends. A friend makes life beautiful, acts as a supporter in the journey of life. Make friends and become friends of others.
• Maintain amicable social relations with your friends and try to develop sincere links and continue to cement friendship. Avoid adopting an attitude of annoyance with your friends.
• Form friendships with the pure and righteous people.
• Trust your friends. Behave cheerfully while you are in their company. Avoid being gloomy and making your friends gloomy. Be informal, frank and good nature amidst friends. Your friends should not feel bored with your presence; rather they should feel happy and alive in your company and should feel drawn towards you.
• Do not be dull and spiritless. Be of good cheer and keep your spirits high.
• If you love someone, you must express your love to that person. Its psychological effect on that person will be that he will develop a sense of nearness to you. The exchange of feelings and passions on both sides will augment love and sincerity to an extraordinary extent. Thus people will have an opportunity of taking deep interest in the individual lives of each other and coming nearer to each other.
• Be loyal and devoted to your friends. The best form of devotion to your friend is that you should increasingly try to elevate his morals.
• Share the grief and sorrow of your friends. Participate actively in their joyous occasions. The purpose of your sharing their grief should be to alleviate their suffering and the aim of your participation in their festivities ought to be to enhance their joy. Every friend rightly expects from his sincere associates that they will stand by him in times of trial and will never desert him in the hour of need.
• Meet your friends in a cheerful, amicable, joyous and sincere manner. Greet them warmly and observe proper etiquette in receiving them. Avoid showing an indifferent, cold and unconcerned behavior. Say words of praise and thanks and joy and satisfaction during meetings with your friends.
• Whenever you differ among yourselves on any matter resolve it at once. Always take the initiative to seek forgiveness and to admit your fault.
Do not lose time in making peace. The longer the delay in resolving quarrels, the deeper grow the roots of contention, and the wider grows the gulf of separation between the hearts.
• Exchange gifts in order to express your feeling of sincerity and love for your friends and to deepen the relationship of love and affection. Mutual exchange of gifts unites the hearts and cements the bonds of love.
• Be a trustworthy confident. If a friend, relying on your good faith, confides his secret in you, you should safeguard his secret. Do not betray the confidence of your friend.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't it considered inappropriate and disrespectful for a woman's girlfriend to make herself known to that girlfriend's male interest and end up friending him on a social website and chatting with him behind her girlfriend's back?

Anonymous said...

trust is the most important requirement for an enduring friendship and to sustain it for a long time.

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Anonymous said...

Yes it is considered very rude and very impolite for a girl of your interest girlfriend to contact with your social media site without your girlfriend being aware of this you should comfortably state your feelings and how uncomfortable it makes you feel and then let your girlfriend react and come up with a solution to the problem

Ronie Walter @ IT Staffing Agencies said...

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely, it is very disrespectful and inappropriate for a woman to secretly make herself known to her girlfriend's male interest! I am a victim to this very same thing about a year and a half ago. My so-called friend, I found out was really a snake, got herself in a position to now where she's secretly "dating" him. This hurt me very bad, because she was well aware of my deep feelings for him and he showed no respect for me either by allowing a relationship to develop. A man of integrity would not participate in something like this.

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