Giving Executive Gifts

In any situation, giving executive gifts should be guided accordingly. If you are planning to give executive gifts, make sure to keep your recipients in mind. It is sure that you have reasons why you need to give such gifts, but it is important to consider proper etiquette when giving. To name some, here is executive gift-giving etiquette you need to keep in mind:
* Consider your company gift-giving policy, as well as the company policy of your recipient. Be reminded that some companies set limitations when it comes to receiving gifts from other firms, including limited dollar-amount values. What you will need to do is to call your recipient's company and ask anyone who knows about their gifting policy.
* Make sure that your chosen gift won't look like a bribe. Be reasonable when selecting a gift so that there will be no bad impression. As much as possible, avoid large gifts as they often seen as bribe presents. This is also one good reason why you need to consult your recipient's company policy in case there are restrictions on the value of gifts they only accept.
* If you are planning to give your employer a gift, keep in mind that he/she may not expect something from you. Therefore, although less expensive, but baked goodies, bottle of wine, or flowers are more appropriate than other expensive choices.
* It would be more proper to hand over your gift to your co-worker, who may also be your friend, secretly or outside. This is one way to avoid awkwardness between you and other co-workers. Also, don't feel obliged to buy something expensive, or else your recipient will feel that he/she will also need to buy you an expensive gift in return.
* Monetary gift is always a big NO.
* Giving executive gifts to employees is a thoughtful idea, as long as it is a group gift. You can think of a group gift such as inviting them all to a holiday lunch or Christmas party. But if you really need to do a bit more effort to acknowledge an employee's performance, sending them a nice card would be appropriate
* Do not send a card to someone who happens to be the recipient of one of your gifts. It could only be one; either the card or the gift but not both.
These are some important things you need to keep in mind before giving executive gifts. For the recipients, they don't have to feel obliged to give one in return. Instead, they have to accept the gifts gracefully and thank the give either verbally or sending a thank you card. They have to be courteous even if the gift they received is not something that they really like.
You can easily find and purchase executive gifts and other business gifts online. There are plenty of websites that carry a wide selections of retirement gifts, client gifts, employee recognition gifts, promotional gifts and other items that would really make a good sense to corporate wold.

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