Meetings at work
Meetings at work can occupy many frustrating hours. Even though they are very time-expensive, they are often considered to be organizational rituals held as a habit, often with nothing of consequence to discuss. In addition to being regular rituals, meetings can also be the posturing place for upwardly mobile office politicians. No matter what the motives might be for holding office meetings, be carefully critical about whether the meetings will be wasting your time.

• Suggest to the group which is holding a meeting that an agenda be circulated prior to the meeting and that it be followed during the meeting.
• If you are very busy, convey your apologies to the chair for not attending.
• Suggest that meetings be canceled if there is no important business to be discussed.
• Use memorandum instead of meetings to circulate information.
• Try holding your meetings in a room without any seats to save time. Standing meetings generally take less

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