Dressing Manners

Good clothes are considered a ticket to decent places. However you must know that only dressing elegantly and fashionably without the right posture, confidence, right manners will not serve.
• Shoes constitute and important part of the overall dress. Keep them shinny clean all the times.
• Keep your undergarments clean and change them everyday.
• Wear your dress according to the occasion.
• Be extraordinary careful about your socks and stockings. You never know when and where you might have to take your shoes off. Nothing damages the personality of a person than torn socks or stockings with holes.
• Clothes must always be clean, stain-free and properly pressed.
• Make-up helps us look naturally beautiful. Don’t overdo to the extent it looks artificial.
• Nothing justifies dirty or disordered hair. A style is good if it can keep your hair neat and tidy throughout the day with a minimum effort.
• If you dye your hair, choose a color which matches your original hair color. Changing a color of your hair frequently is not appreciable.
• Take extra care of all those parts of your body, which stay exposed to direct light and sun, e.g hands, face, hair, feet.
• Put more effort in becoming and staying slim and trim. Spend sometimes daily in walking and doing household work yourself.
It is decent and smart to wear loose-fit dresses over a trim and slim body than wearing tight dresses over a fat and a plumply body.

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