Teach your Children Good Manners

• Please keep in mind that children do not wait to learn the things which are told to them but they mostly learn through by seeing how the things done by their parents or relatives.
• Exemplify the manners before your children so that they can learn easily.
• Never do anything before the children which you do not like them to do.
• Take them to cinema or bring interesting and good movies for them to watch at home so that they can learn good manners.
• Children have more affection to their mother because they used to spend more time with her. Mother should train her children so that they can do their own job as cleaning their room and closet easily.
• Encourage your children to participate in extra curricular activities such as games, speech competition etc.
• Help your children for making choice in purchasing their clothes, toys, books etc.
• Bring them to parks, zoo and other places so that they can enjoy their self freely.
• Do not disgrace them in the presence of their friends or relatives.
• Help them to learn basic procedure of doing their jobs such as wearing undergarments, pants, or using the toilet.
• Do not oppose your life partner in the presence of kids, children can take unnecessary advantage of the situation.
• Treat well with your children as well as their friends and do not criticize them in front of any one.
• Teach your children good manners and etiquette; dealing with parents, relatives and society.

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