Table Manners For Young Children

Having good table manners is important for young children. The table etiquette should be taught and cultivated as early as possible. It is not just about eating properly. It is about being thoughtful and respecting other people on the same table.
Let me share with you some practical tips which you can apply on your kids.
· What is the basic thing a kid should do before and after having his or her meals? It is important for the parents to fix one house rule, i.e. kids must wash their hands and faces before and after every meal. Cleanliness is the most important.
· Some young children like to bring along their toys or pets when they are having meals. It is not correct. Never ever allow your kids to bring along anything to the dining table.
· Having the right body posture is important. Kids must be reminded to sit up straight when they are at the dining table.
· If there are guests or other family members joining the meals, you should tell your kids to wait for everyone to be seated at the table before they can start having their meals.
· Tell your kids to chew their food with mouth closed. At the same time, you need to remind them not to talk when their mouth is full. It is impolite and they may have a choke. They must be reminded to cover their mouth if they sneeze at the dining table.
· When young children are dining outside, it is important for you to teach them not to give negative comments about any food served. Even if the food is bad, they should not be "too honest" as it may hurt someone's feeling.
· Saying "Thank you" after the meals is essential. We need to teach our young children to appreciate what they have. They should be grateful for having sufficient food to eat. At the same time, ask your children to thank the person who prepares the meals.
· It is rude to reach over someone's plate for something. Hence, you need to remind your kids to say "Excuse me" and "Please" when they want to ask for something.
As all of us are aware, young kids like to imitate the adults. As parents, you are the role models to your kids. Hence, you are reminded to show good examples when you are having meals with them. Start practicing good manners with your kids on the table from today onwards.

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If there are guests or other family members joining the meals, you should tell your kids to wait for everyone to be seated at the table before they can start having their meals.

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