Fitness Etiquette

• Regard your health as of great value and take every care to safe guard it. Health once lost is hard to recover. The essence of human life is reason, faculties of reason, morality, faith and knowledge. It is only the physical health which ensures the proper functioning of human faculties of reason, morality, faith and knowledge. In fact, physical health is the basic factor in the development of mind and the growth of reason; it is also a pre-requisite for the performance of sublime acts of morality. A week and sick body has a feeble mind whose faculty of reason can not but be unsound and utterly hopeless. When life is devoid of longing and ardor; when there is no courage and the will is weak; when the passions have cooled down and are exhausted such spiritless existence is a drag on the infirm body. It is imperative therefore, that one have robust physique, sturdy intellect and sound mind, firm will, high morale and a life full of spirit, enthusiasm and sublime passions.
• You should always be cheerful, glad, alert and active. Make your life well ordered, elegant, and healthy by means of good living, cheerful manners, joyful smiles and lively disposition. Avoid sorrow, anger, grudge or anxiety, envy, jealousy, slander, narrow-mindedness; don’t lose your spirit and keep your mind clear of all complexes. These moral ills have an adverse effect on the digestive system and a defective digestive system is the major cause of poor health.
• Do not lift more burden than your strength can bear. Do not waste your physical energy. It is obligatory that you should save and protect your physical strength and use it with moderation according to the capability.
• You should always be industrious, energetic, hard-working, painstaking and bold in your daily life. You should form the habit of facing all forms of hardship and tackling with the most difficult situations. Prepare yourself to lead the hard. Don’t be ease-loving, careless, delicate, indolent, timid and a materialist.
Be an early riser - Keep your sleeping hours within limits. Don’t sleep little, for in that case your body will not get proper rest and your limbs will feel exhausted and weary. On the other hand, do not sleep for long hours, for in that case you will become lazy and inactive.
Get up early in the morning. Go for a walk and relax there. The fresh air of the morning has a salutary effect on health. Make it a point to do some light exercise daily according to your physical strength and endurance.
Learn Self-control – Keep your passions, fancies, desires and lusts under control. Peace of mind and contentment of the heart evaporate when the passions are given free rein. Having lost these attributes, these persons prove to be timid, weak-minded and cowards in life.
Save yourself from intoxicants - They affect the brain as well as the stomach. You should refrain from using all things having an intoxicating effect.
Eat at the proper time - Abstain from over-eating. Don’t munch all the time. Take food only when you feel the appetite and stop eating before your stomach is filled, so that you should still feel slightly hungry when the meal is over. You must never indulge in over-eating.
Good health depends on proper functioning of the stomach. Over-eating makes the stomach sick.
Always eat simple food - Eat whole wheat bread. Avoid spiced and pungent foods and have no unnecessary craving for tasty delicacies.Make it a point to eat simple, easily digestible, nourishing and healthful diet.
• Eat in perfect peace of mind and in a relaxed mood and chew the food well. Avoid eating in a mood of sorrow, anger, anxiety or perplexity. The food that is eaten in a cheerful and peaceful state of mind nourishes the body, whereas food that is gulped down in a state of anxiety or grief has an adverse effect on the stomach and affords no strength to the body.
• Take a nap after the mid-day meal and go for a stroll after dinner. Avoid strenuous physical and mental exertion immediately after the meals.
• Take good care of your eyes. Don’t expose your eyes to glaring light. Don’t set your gaze upon the sun. Don’t read in either faint or intense light. Always study under a clear and soothing light. Avoid keeping yourself awake for too long. Protect your eyes from filth and dust. Always try to keep your eyes clean. Go for a walk in the fields, gardens and green pastures and amuse yourself. The sight of greenery has a pleasant effect on eyes. Guard against casting evil glances, for this practice will dim the sparkle of your eyes and your general health will decline.
• Be careful about dental hygiene and protect your teeth. Clean teeth keep you fresh, produce a good effect on digestion and cleanliness makes the teeth firm too. Form the habit of cleaning your teeth with any tooth paste or powder. Don’t spoil your teeth by too frequent use of tobacco. Clean your teeth well after every meal.
Unclean teeth cause various diseases. Make a habit to clean your teeth on getting up from sleep.
• When the need arises to answer the call of nature fulfill it promptly. Delay in answering the call of nature affects the brain and the stomach badly.
• Pay full attention to keeping yourself neat, clean and tidy.

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