Relatives Manners

• Learn to respect and treat your wife’s parents as you treat your own.
• Parents should not hinder in the marital life of their children unless they are asked for it.
• Parents should respect privacy of their children once they grow up or get married.
• Treat your son or daughter-in-law as your children. Never criticize. If you must communicate something, say it indirectly.
• Do not talk against your son or daughter-in-law to your own daughter or son. If he/she complains to you regarding his/her wife, coach him/her.
• If your are an adult or a married person and want to live with your parents, make sure that you don’t become a burden. Agree on a monthly expenses and pay it to them sincerely. If they refuse to take it, buy food stuff or do other things for them at least equal to the amount you are saving by living with them. Ask your parents as to how you can help them in reducing or at least sharing the extra burden caused by you and or your family. Respect their rules and regulations and live with them. Buy them gifts or take them to a dinner party or bring them food.
• All your family relations deserve a special treatment including in-laws, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins etc. Maintain and nurture your family ties. Spend a part of your income on the welfare of relatives. Host some family events occasionally to make stronger your ties.
• Be available to your relatives in their difficult times. If you have some poor relatives, offer your economic help as much as you can afford without being asked for it.
• Take care of your relatives as you would want your children to do. If you are not nice to your relatives, your children will also toe the line.

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