Develop the Self Confidence

Self confidence is one of the essential attributes for success in life, or for that matter for success in any undertaking or enterprise. It is the corner stone for a dominant and colorful personality. An individual aspiring to become and remain as a leader must have self-confidence. Generally the individual who suffers from inferiority complex is found to be lacking in self confidence. Lack of self confidence also makes a man socially aloof-est and retiring. He slurs company and publicity and be free. The sense of being inferior proves often to be more crippling than a physical disability. Lack of education, poor social status, child-hood disappointments, etc. may also lead to development of inferiority feelings in an individual. Lack of self-confidence and the presence of inferiority complex may manifest on the part of an individual in shyness, timidity, over sensitiveness, loneliness, fear, tendency to speak lies and so on.
We may now consider the above techniques in the form of certain Do’s and don’t for easy memorization and recapitulation.
Do understand that other individuals take you in their stride and accept you at your face value. They do not pay any serious attention to your imaginary or real shortcomings. They are concerned about themselves, than that you or anyone else in the world.
Do analyze your childhood events and understand the cause of your complex, fear, hesitancy, etc. Remember now that conditions have changed for the better and that you have several assets with you at the moment.
Do find out the cause before you pass any judgment on yourself for the result. Do know that by eliminating the unfavorable factors and injecting favorable factors, you can succeed in your next or subsequent attempts.
Do appreciate the individual difference and uniqueness of the individual. Always look up and not look down upon yourself if you ever wish to compare your state with those of others.
Do know that only you and no one else can reform you. The strength and confidence that you may need has to come from within.
Do think about others and their interests. Gain knowledge, acquire skill and you will automatically find the confidence, especially when you put them to use for helping others.
Don’t imagine that you are done for and there is no hope. Others like you have succeeded in their attempts. You can also succeed if you are willing to try and work hard.
Don’t consider that you are inferior to anyone else or more inadequate or less intelligent or less capable. With enthusiasm, industriousness, concentration and perseverance, you can always score over others.
Don’t give up because of a setback or a series of failures. Kites rise against and not with the wind. There is no defeat save from within.
Don’t be afraid of criticism and failures. If you persist and do not give up, ultimate victory will always be yours.
Don’t rush. Don’t be impatient. First you have to unlearn your fear and then learn confidence. Let the progress be sure and steady so that you are certain to reach the top.
There are some proven positive steps to drive out the inferiority complex and usher in supreme confidence in its place.
Have faith in yourself and believe in your ability. Be optimistic and adopt a positive attitude. Sooner or later the man who wins is the man who thinks he can. If you think you will win you will certainly win and if you think you won’t it is almost certain that you would lose. It is all in a state of mind. Begin from the beginning. Analyze your past and pin-point causes that led to your fears and complexes.
Appreciate the futility of comparison. Determine your strong points and get the best out of them. Do not worry as to what others will say about you. They are concerned about themselves and not about you.
Knowledge and experience are the only tools that can ultimately slay one’s fear. Next attempt that very thing you are diffident about. To learn swimming, you have to get into the water, wet yourself and try. Walking, driving and even standing up were serious problems at one time and you mastered them by practice. Similarly you can master any art with practice.
Let things happen. Suppose you have suffered a set-back. Suppose some one has criticized you. Suppose something did not turn out as you expected. You can try again and again, till you succeed. Nothing is wasted. With every experience, every event, every attempt your knowledge and skill grow. That means you are nearer to victory.

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