Utilizing your waiting time

Waiting time can be frustrating and annoying, but it seems to be part of most people’s daily life. The waiting periods might include waiting to be served in a shop, waiting in waiting rooms, waiting for the other party to answer the phone, waiting for a friend at launch time, waiting in a traffic jam, to name but a few possible waiting situations. Try the following suggestions to make your waiting time more productive and beneficial.

• As a general rule, try to avoid waits by shopping and traveling outside of peak hours.
• If shopping during a busy period, be certain to position yourself strategically at shop counters so the shop assistant is in no doubt about whom to serve next.
• Be quite prepared to say to queue jumpers: Excuse me. I am next to be served!
• When shopping for specific items, do it by telephone and have the purchases delivered, if possible.
• Consider shopping from mail order catalogs. No traffic, no parking and no shop counter waiting.

• When placing calls to parties who have very busy periods, call at off peak times.
• Organize your telephone table or desk so that you can write or read while waiting on the telephone.
• If a switchboard operator puts you through to an extension but there is no answer, jiggle the hangup button in order to get back to the operator to leave a message.
• If calling long distance, be certain to say to the answering party: I am calling long distance for … so that waiting will be minimized.

• If you have a doctor’s appointment and from past experience have found the waiting room to be full on your arrival, telephone ahead and ask what delay is anticipated.
• Make appointments for the first time slot in the consultation period so that you are not faced with the all too common, ‘The doctor is running a bit behind schedule’.
• Always take your own reading material, as waiting room magazines can be dated or of no personal appeal.
• If you have generally been kept waiting for more than 30 minutes over several different appointments, tell the person with whom you have the appointment that you would appreciate every effort in keeping to the scheduled appointment time, as your time is important too.

• When in a traffic jam, relax your white-knuckled grip on the steering wheel and practice relaxation exercises.
• If you are planning to venture into the depth of a traffic-congested city, consider parking at a suburban train station and taking a train to avoid the waiting.
• Brush up on your music appreciation via tape or radio while you are waiting in traffic.
• Consider the possibility of installing a mobile telephone so that you can catch up on your calls while waiting in traffic.
• Inquire about flextime working hours so that you are not traveling during the peak commuting times.
• If caught without a book or other resources, study the people around you, any observable wildlife or even the weather patterns. An absorbed mind will make the waiting time pass more quickly.
Managing time well is the hallmark of an efficient worker. Most people can name several busy people who always seem to be on top of their time. They are well-organized, prepared for the hassles of everyday life and they are self-disciplined. Here are some time management strategies which might help you to become more time effective:

• More efficient use of telephone talking time.
• Less interruptions by incoming telephone calls.
• Saving time in meetings.
• Preventing unwanted office visitors from distracting you.
• Using your commuting time more effectively.
• Organizing your house and your housemates to help save your time.
• Dealing with domestic driving tasks most efficiently.
• Using waiting time in shops, on the telephone, in waiting rooms and in traffic jams to best advantage.

By implementing the suggestions , you should find that you will not only get more work done, but you will also generate self respect. Being on top of your time generally means that you are in more effective control of your life-and that is a very pleasant and productive state of being.

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