Business Travel

• If you are required to travel out of the city for a long period, pay off all the debts and guide someone who is responsible for your property and belongings.
• Make a plan and budget travel expenses.
• It is better to plan a joint travel. Traveling together with friend makes it much easier and safer. It also provides an matchless opportunity to be good friends and make new friends.
• Propose a person as a leader during traveling and let him take care of all the payments.
• Buy your tickets and reserve your room in hotels at least three or four weeks in advance.
• Buy a decent, presentable and durable suitcases. Your belongings as well as your dress matters a lot about you.
• Make sure to travel with little luggage. However a first-aid medical kit and a few good books are always good companion.
• Put an evident mark on your luggage to identify it and do not pick up any luggage unless you are sure it is yours.
• Do not carry your wallet with the travel documents. Carry your travel documents with you while traveling.
• Dress comfortably but properly while traveling.
• Take little coffee and tea with light food and reduce smoking during travel.
• While going by Air , keep your seat belts fastened all the time, and make sure that your children are also secure.
• Never behave flight attendant as your personal servant. Remember he or she has to serve many other passengers as well.
• Always try to reach in daylight while traveling to a strange city. Arriving at the airport at midnight in strange city could be quite a disturbing experience.
Manners, courtesy and politeness is your biggest benefit in any strange country. It can get you through many challenging situations very easily.
• After arriving at the hotel, before you unpack your luggage check the locks at the door and the windows. Keep windows and door locked at night, curtains down and don’t forget to display the “Don’t Disturb” sign on the door.
• When you are in possession of cash or jewelry, never display it to the room-service staff. Never leave anything costly in the room. Use the lockers available at hotels. However, it is good to carry credit cards or travel checks, instead of cash.
• Be polite with the staff and other guests but never share personal information’s with them.
• Respect the culture, customs and the public property of the places you visit.
• Label your luggage bags with full name, address and contact details.

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