Promoting positive thinking in Office Life

Positive Thinking in Office Life
• On entering your workspace, greet your workmates with a pleasant ‘Hello’ or ‘Nice day.
• Take a few minutes to have a brief chat with particular workmates, as the occasion warrants.
• When you get to your workspace, get settled straight away and write out your daily plan.
• Make certain that you get right to your high priority tasks.
• Look forward to the pleasant events which you have scheduled during the day.
• Reward yourself for having completed your first significant task of the day by telling a close workmate about the accomplishment.
Participate actively in meetings.
• Use your coffee breaks and lunch break to meet with workmates whose company you enjoy.
• If time allows, try to get out of your workspace for a brisk and vigorous walk after lunch.
• Survey the availability of pleasant places nearby where you can take your lunch and get some exercise as well.
• Keep updating your daily plan as you complete tasks or as new tasks occur during the day.
• Tell a close workmate how the day is going for you.
• When meeting with your boss or supervisor, be certain to provide a relevant and brief commentary about your progress on any special projects.
• Consider expanding your circle of friends at work. Invite a newcomer at work to join your group at the coffee break or at lunch.
• At the end of the day, review your daily plan, taking special note of the crossed off jobs. Take pride in your accomplishments. If there are outstanding tasks, place them on the plan for tomorrow.
• Clear your workspace so that you can get right down to work when you arrive tomorrow.

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