Sitting and Meeting Etiquettes

• Join in the conversation that is going on among those present in the company. Do not adopt a gloomy attitude or a posture of depression while sitting in a company. Wear a smile on your face and sit in the company in a fresh and joyous mood.
• When you go to a meeting take a seat wherever you find room. Do not make a bid to move ahead by pushing through or jumping over the heads or shoulders of the people.
• In a meeting, do not try to dislodge a person from his seat in order to occupy it yourself. This is a very bad habit.
• In a meeting where people are sitting around in a circle, do not sit in the center of the circle. Such a behavior is not only ridiculous, but extremely improper.
• Do not try to grab the seat of a person who leaves his seat for a while. Keep his seat reserved until he returns. However, if it is known that the person will not return, you are free to take the seat previously occupied by him.
• Do not separate two persons sitting together in some gathering without seeking their permission. They might be sitting together because of intimacy, love or for some other reason and separation may hurt their feelings.
Avoid sitting at a place of distinction in a gathering. If you pay a visit to somebody’s house, don’t try to take a seat of distinction, save in case the host himself insists on your taking such a seat. Always sit in the meeting in a respectable manner. Do not spread your feet or stretch your legs.
• Do not make a bid to always sit near the person presiding the meeting. Sit wherever you find room, and leave space for those who arrive after you to find a place to sit conveniently.
• Seek the permission of the chairman before you say anything in a meeting.
• Only one man should speak at a time. Each one should be heard with full attention.

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