Rejoicing Etiquette

• You must celebrate occasions of joy in a benefiting manner. Rejoicing is a demand of human instincts and a natural urge.
• Make arrangements to celebrate the festival with free rejoicing and open merriment. Feel quite informal and let yourself join the festivities without inhibitions.
• Invite others to join your celebrations of joy and similarly participate in the rejoicing of others to enhance their feelings of happiness.
• On the happy occasions of wedding, arrange a feast for your relatives and friends according to your position and means.
If for some reason you can not attend a party, do send a message of congratulations. The practice of exchanging gifts on such occasions of joy, renews and deepens the relationships and augments love and lends warmth to it. Nonetheless be careful to send gifts of the value which your means can afford and by restraining your feelings of sincerity and love.

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