How to Get What You Want?

Success is getting What You are After

Getting what you want can be termed as success in life. It means the realization of your goal. In other words the attainment of the desired object is called success. Since success refers to accomplishing whatever one sets out to do, it will not mean same to you as it would to some one else. We all want different things in life. What is more important we have several wants and each one has his own priorities? The fact remains, you must get what you want and if you get what you want you will be successful.

Know What You Want

The first thing, then, is that you must know and be sure of your want. Next, when your wants are more than one, you must lay down your priorities. Thirdly, avoid contradictions, by which I mean one want of yours should not clash with another. It is better to have one aim at a time. It will help you to concentrate your efforts, energy and thoughts. Lastly, relate your aim to the resources you have and you can muster. No doubt you must aim high. But to reach the hill top, you have to start climbing from the base. Therefore, have your main aim and then set immediate objectives, so that you can advance steadily and slowly. As you progress you will find that you are able to take rapid strides and even extensive jumps.

What Makes One a Winner

The secret is that directly or indirectly other people have to help you to attain your goal. The greater their co-operation, the sooner and bigger your success. If you can not sell yourself to others, you can not attain your goal. Since you have to depend on other people for ultimate success what you have alone will not do. Success depends to a great extent on what you say and what you do with your ideas, talents or gifts. Invariably it is not what you know but what you do about what you know.

Sell Yourself Technique

It is no magic or trick to sell yourself to others, to make them take interest in you, to cause them to sit up, really notice you as well as what you have to offer for their business, home use, friendship, entertainment, fun or profit. No matter who you are and what your qualifications as well as accomplishments happen to be, your success in life will greatly depend on your ability to sell yourself to others.

Perennial Human Hunger and Thirst

Every human individual is always and ever thirsty and hungry for one thing. He wants to feel important. He craves to be recognized and appreciated genuinely and sincerely. He wants affection, warmth and friendship. He likes to be heard. He mellows when the other person displays a keen, sincere and genuine interest in him. This is a standing hunger and thirst on the part of one and all. It is no seasonal demand. People for ever-every hour of the day, every day of the week, every week of the month, every month of the year and every year of their lives-crave for importance, appreciation, recognition and fellowship. You will give them what they desire strongly. You will also get what you want.

Getting What You Want

To get what you want, then, think first in terms of what he wants. Talk in terms of his interest. Never try to force them nor ask for favors. Meet their thirst and hunger first and know their minds. Then arouse a desire for what you have to offer. Make them thirsty and hungry for your service, goods or for whatever that you wish to offer. Ideas ultimately rule and you can sell your ideas by enthusiasm, persistence, persuasion and above all, by proper motivation.

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