Visiting Manners

• Many people visit others without invitation or without prior information. They reflect bad manners. Do not you think it is more civilized to call up the person you are ready to visit to know if he/she is available and specify as to how long you would stay.
• When you visit someone and the doorbell or knock is not answered, go back. If the housemaid or personal assistant tells you that the person is busy or in a meeting, don’t insist on seeing the person even if you had set up an appointment. Some emergency or unforeseeable thing might have come up or occurred after you set up the meeting. However, the host should also be courteous enough to give a call to the person coming over and postpone the appointment before time.
• When you visit someone’s office or home and do not find the person, leave a message at the door or with the office secretary saying why you were there.
• If you call someone and hear the voice-message, always leave a message with your name, contact number and the purpose of your call.

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