Maintaining Cleanliness in Home

We start to realize how untidy & disorganized our home becomes when there is no daily cleaning maintenance. Some of us may have not have maids to keep our home constantly clean & tidy.
Dirty laundry, dishes, unfinished food etc left on its own can contribute to stress, harbor bacteria and create displeasing smells.
Children can easily contribute to the home looking like a mess. Teach our children how to clean up after themselves from a young age. Later on when they have their own homes, they will appreciate how important it is to have a clean home & not fall into the category of the domestically challenged (D.C.).
The most important rule to having a clean home, work space, living room, bedroom etc is to become organized. Organizing a cleaning routine is essential in maintaining a good & clean home environment.
A rule of thumb while maintaining home cleanliness is to make sure you are done with cleaning one room before going on to the next room. Have your children make up their own bed upon awakening so it can be less work for you. Firstly, remove all items that do not belong in the room & put them in a laundry basket. Now is a good chance to pick up & throw away garbage that is found in the room. Vacuum, sweep, mop & clean the floor, table & other surfaces as necessary. Consequently, you may consider the first room as cleaned.
Repeat the process when cleaning all other rooms. Bring & browse through the basket of misplaced items & place them where you think they belong as you go through cleaning all the rooms. Every item has its place and should remain at its place after usage. Keep on doing it until the basket is empty. Avoid placing the basket full of items in the closet. You may forget about them. Besides, the laundry basket is meant for laundry.
The sequential room cleaning process prevents you from becoming confused as to which room has been cleaned or requires cleaning. It can create more relaxing moments for you & save your energy too. Have a bucket of cleaning supplies on all levels of the home & perhaps for every bathroom. It can make the task of cleaning more convenient & efficient. Therefore, you can always be ready for a cleaning situation that requires your immediate attention. Stains do not look good on anything.
Teach your spouse & children the important aspects of home cleanliness. Have them practice good hygiene & home manners. For example, do not have them bring food & eat in their rooms. It can mean one less item of unfinished food, dinner plates or food stain for you to handle. Cooperation from other people living in the same abode can make maintaining home cleanliness easier & simpler to manage.

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Ronie Walter @ IT Staffing Agencies said...

Cleanliness is very important to get raid of any diseases. I always told my kids to keep not only inside the house clean but also outside. If the see any waste even if they are on the street, I told them to clean it. Some people may see it waste of time, but it is a big deal that everyone should be aware of.

Cherry Flitcher said...

The most important rule to having a clean home, work space, living room, bedroom etc is to become organized. Organizing a cleaning routine is essential in maintaining a good & clean home environment.

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Molly said...

I agree with this article. It's true that cleanliness is very important, though not just in our home but as well as other places such as our working environment. How organize we are in our own home will always adapt when we're in another places. And this shows right discipline of ourselves.

Leaders of Restroom Hygiene

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