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A good memory is surely one of the essentials of successful living. A moment’s thought will convince you of the many advantages it brings-increased efficiency, speedier acquisition of qualifications, promotion, popularity, more confidence in conversation and public speaking. There is also the freedom from regrets, humiliations and embarrassments caused by a poor memory.
The fact is, the memory of every experience, everything we have heard or seen, is stored in the mind. A good memory is the ability to recall at will any of those stored impressions. The following attitudes and practices will help you do this.

Stop Saying Your Memory is Bad – Declaring that one has a bad memory is a popular excuse for forgetfulness. It is the worst thing you can do if you want to improve it. Every time you say or think your memory is poor, you are making it so, for it is a psychological law that whatever is repeatedly suggested to the mind tends to become a reality.
To improve your memory, use this law positively. Suggest to yourself repeatedly, especially at night and as you wake in the morning, that your memory is improving.
Daily, as you adopt this positive attitude, and as you implement the following suggestions, your memory will get more and more reliable. The days when you had a poor memory are over. In future, every day will see an improvement.

Begin Trusting Your Memory – The invalid will never be able to walk again if he remains in bed. He must get up and begin to walk. Similarly, if you want your memory to get stronger, you must begin trusting it. Next time you go shopping, don’t make a list, trust your memory.
To remember to do something, imagine yourself doing it at the time you wish to do it. For example, if you want to remember to take a book when you visit a friend tomorrow, see yourself now going out with the book under your arm. You will be surprised how quickly your memory become reliable. A few successful attempts at recall will be cumulative in their effect. You will trust your memory more confidently and with bigger tasks, and the more you do that, the better it will become.

Master Your Material – Make sure you completely understand the subject-matter you wish to memorize. Work at it until you have gasped every allusion and argument. If it is obscure, ask advice or consult a dictionary.
Another aid to understanding and recall is to make diagrams or sketches. A further useful practice is to explain the subject-matter to an imaginary pupil; preferably not a bright one!

Determine to Remember – We forget much because we do not determine to remember. We say, ‘I expect I shall remember’, or ‘I hope I remember’ or I’ll try to remember’. We fail to make a definite act of the will-‘I shall remember’. With such half-hearted resolves, is it any wonder we forget?

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