House Servants Manners

• Teach your house servants to deliver anything in a plate, saucer or a tray. Your house servants’ manners reveal yours.
• While employing servants at home, make sure that you never go against the labor laws. You must pay them minimum salary and should not let them work more than eight hours a day, five days a week. Take a good care of the servants. Feed and dress them well. If they are dirty, they will do more damage to your standing. Taking good care of them and investing time on their coaching and grooming is also important.
• If you can not afford more servants, have less, but treat and pay them well. You can always combine various jobs together.
• Don’t suppose your housemaid to do something you don’t or can not do yourself.
• Respect the private life of your house servants. If they live with you, give them with separate rooms and all the basic needs of life.
• Do not criticize your house servants in front of others. If you must say something, do so in private.
• Never expect them to be as good as you are. If they were why would they work for you?
• Never give your house servants responsibilities more than they can handle. Give them some free time to rest, to see their friends, to read or to watch TV.
• Give your house servants a private room or a quarter and equip their room or apartment with all the basic needs of life.
• Do not forget to use “please” and “thanks” while asking or taking something from them. Praise them as much as they deserve.

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