House Servants

Instruct your servants to present anything in a plate, or a tray.
• Teach them good manners because they reveal your manners.
• Before employing servants at your home, ensure proper enforcement of labor laws.
• Employ your servants on suitable salary so that they can meet their daily needs easily.
• Feed them and take care of their needs.
• Teach them to maintain proper cleanliness in the home.
• Have a good care of them and guide them properly.
• Have less servants, but pay them well.
• Do not say them the job which can not be done by yourself, keep in mind their physical strength and health.
• Do not disturb and interfere them in their private life.
• Never disgrace them in front of the guests or others. If they commit some fault, do so in private.
• Give them the job which they can handle easily.
Manage their time as, they can have free time for rest, to see their friends or relatives, to watch television.
• Provide them a private room or quarter with all the basic needs of life.
• Remember to say ‘please’ andthanks while asking or taking something from them. Admire them as much as they deserve.

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