Dressing up

• Wear dress according to the customs and culture of your society.
• Wear the dress for the elegance and beauty as well as protection against climatic effects.
• Your dress shows your status. Put on proper and clean dress keeping in view your status and position in the society.
• Maintain your dress with the current fashion in the society.
• Dress up yourself elegantly and fashionably with right posture, confidence and good manners.
• Shoes are also a part of your overall dress. Use proper shoes and clean them well.
• Change your undergarments regularly.
• Wear dress according to the function and season.
• Take care of your stockings and socks. Change them frequently.
• Do make-up beautifully; keeping in mind your skin nature, never overdo to the level it looks artificial.
• Have a look on your hair style according to your mood. Keep your hair neat and clean.
• If you have a smart body try to wear loose-fit dresses. Whereas wear tight dresses if you are fat.
• Your dress should be expression of culture, elegance and beauty. The purpose of dress is to lend beauty and grace and to serve as protection against climatic effects.
• Dress yourself in keeping with your means and status. Put on proper, suitable and neat garments in keeping with your means and position.
• Observe good taste and propriety in dress and make-up.

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