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Having respect for one another is something that should be an intrinsic part of our lives. Yet at times, to each of us, society seems rampant with rude, discourteous actions of people in all walks of life.
Acts of discourtesy are visible every day and take many forms. From people speaking "down" to us to those cutting us off on the road to people pushing ahead of us on lines at stores, there are many occasions when we feel disrespected and just plain frustrated with the behavior of others.
Disrespect can take many other forms. A friend of mine will only phone me from her car phone while she is in transit and is insistent on catching up at those particular times since that is convenient for her, regardless of whether or not it is convenient for me. It appears that she feels that her time is far more valuable than mine and that I should be available at her beck and call. Disrespectful? Absolutely!
Another odd example of one of my experiences with disrespect was many years ago in the corporate sector. I had just moved into a new office within the company, the office having been vacated by a man who had unfortunately passed away. A lady coworker came strolling in one morning, inquiring, "So did he (the man who died) leave anything good in here?" And she proceeded to move around the small space, opening drawers and cabinets, snooping inside. I was too stunned to react, and I think my jaw must have dropped open. Disrespectful -- dramatically so!
Then there is that segment of acquaintances, friends and family who make plans with us and end up being way more than fashionably late for an appointment or event -- or worse, cancel at the very last minute, leaving us hanging.
Though we cannot make people behave courteously toward us, we can certainly control our reactions to this behavior. It is key to refrain from getting too riled up. Use some strong but upbeat self-talk in such a situation. Make every effort to divert attention away from your ruffled feelings. Then affirm to yourself: I will not react to this situation; instead I will focus on being calm and centered. You are in charge of your feelings -- so take control and move away from the frustration.
On the flip side of the coin, we can work on our own behavior with others and make every effort to treat people the way we wish to be treated (shades of the classic Golden Rule of "do unto others.") Go out of your way to be kind, courteous and respectful to those with whom you interact on a daily basis. Don't be someone who expects everyone else to cater to you. Take the "high road" in communicating with others. You may see some joyful smiles and bright expressions of gratitude on the faces of the recipients of your courtesy.
Kindness and respect toward others will certainly improve and empower our own personal energetic connection to the world, and I wholeheartedly believe the respectful vibrations we give out will be returned to us multiplied!

Good manners, of which courtesy and etiquette from essential parts, oil the wheels of life and enable it to run smoothly. Courtesy is kindness revealed in action and etiquette is merely a collection of accepted norms of behavior that help to make courtesy easy and natural. Courtesy shows good breeding, self control and humility. It shows respect for the other person and consideration for his feelings and comforts. You become selfish and narrow minded when you fail to observe courtesy. It is perhaps the best single quality which lifts one above the crowd. It helps to an immeasurable extent in creating a good initial impression and subsequently sustaining it for ever, amidst other human failings. In essence, courtesy is nothing but thoughtfulness. It is being considerate to others even in small, minor matters. As such it extends into every hour of the day and covers every special act of ours. Greeting warmly with a smile, speaking in a friendly voice, saying polite words like ‘Thank you’ to colleagues, messengers, lift-operators, people who hold doors open for you, people who serve you at the counters, people who offer you a seat and even those who in the slightest manner, have given cause to you to show a appreciation and recognition-all these do make up courtesy. A person with courtesy will always be welcomed everywhere.

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Cherry Flitcher said...

Kindness and respect toward others will certainly improve and empower our own personal energetic connection to the world, and I wholeheartedly believe the respectful vibrations we give out will be returned to us multiplied!

Cherry Fletcher @ Acne and Treatment

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