Planning your Office Work

Organize your jobs around the types of tasks to be done: picking up items, telephoning, letter and report writing, seeing various people, and buying necessary items. Depending upon the type of work you do, you may wish to organize the plan chronologically (morning, afternoon and evening sections) or perhaps geographically by listing various jobs according to your movements through the day. Try various types of plans and see which suits you best. The one essential ingredient is to write the jobs down. Very few individuals are endowed with fail proof memories-and on very busy days, chances are that your notes will be more reliable than your brain.

Be precise in noting the tasks - For example, brief notes have been made after the names of the people to telephone. This might seem pedantic, but there is one very good reason for it. That is, most telephone calls take much longer than they need to. Ringing a colleague to confirm a meeting time or place might, under ordinary circumstances, take ten or fifteen minutes. However, if you have noted the specific reason for ringing someone, you may be more likely to keep to the contracted task-getting to the point quickly and then getting off the phone. Making these task notes is particularly important if you really enjoy talking with him and vice versa. Time flies when positive emotions become involved. Enjoy the positive feelings, but also keep an eye on the clock and the remaining jobs on your daily plan.

Give each job a priority rating: 1,2, or 3 - The success of plan depends upon you getting started on the high priority jobs. However, some people have difficulty deciding which jobs are the most important.
Tick the ‘Done’ column to reinforce the positive feeling of accomplishment when you have completed a job. You might think this is somewhat elementary, giving yourself a tick upon job completion, but most people respond very positively to a pat on the back, even if it is self-administered. You can probably recall numerous occasions when you went out of your way to communicate subtly to your boss the fact that you had completed a difficult task. No harm in this whatsoever. Get all of the encouragement and praise you can wrangle from your boss and significant others, including yourself!

• When writing out your daily plan, do not schedule ten hours of high priority jobs for an eight hour working day. In fact, be certain to leave sufficient time for the unexpected-those URGENT jobs which have to done yesterday. The secret is to be determined and disciplined, but also flexible and adaptable. Daily plans which are ramrod rigid can crumble when crisis occur. It’s far better to bend with the new demands and weather the storm than to be blown over or flattened.
• Remember to include on your plan several tasks which can be done on the run, such as revising your part-time lecture notes while commuting on the bus or train. Newspaper and leisure reading can also be done while waiting for a scheduled appointment.
• Work weeks can sometimes extend into weekends. Without placing your home and possibly family life in jeopardy, try to accommodate unusual work demands by planning ahead and anticipating peak periods. If you must work on a weekend, plan your work precisely and be extra efficient so that you can get in and get out, preserving as much of your leisure time as possible.
Planning your leisure might sound pedantic, but getting as much enjoyment as possible out of your recreational time is good commonsense. For example, planning the shopping trip to the gardening center or the hi-fi store will save a double trip or forgotten-item frustration. You might want to forgo the priority ratings and time limits on weekends, but list your leisure activities to get maximal value from your time.
• When planning your workdays, be certain to look ahead and give appropriate lead up time to planning and development activities for large projects looming in the distance. Read on for more about long-term planning.

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