Physical Appearance and Impression

A really beautiful woman or a handsome man starts with a distinct advantage. We are naturally attracted to have a second look at beautiful women and handsome men are the exceptions rather than the rule. What is more, one should also remember that external beauty is after all only skin deep. Ultimately, it is the personal magnetic charm that counts. We all have experienced that people who are not at all handsome or beautiful, for that matter, people who may be deemed as positively ugly, exercise tremendous influence because of their charm. In short, if we are gifted with a beautiful or handsome countenance, we should put it to good use. In any case, it is necessary that we improve upon what has been given to us.
Neatness of dress and grooming, cleanliness and good posture help you to create the correct first impression. One should select the dress to suit the occasion. When you pay attention to your dress, it will be invariably observed and taken note of by others. Your dress plays a vital part towards the projection of your personality. It does not imply that one should wear very costly or gaudy dress. In fact, they may produce the opposite effect. The dress should be well pressed, clean and not frayed or torn. Your collars cuffs, etc. should be clean. Next, pay attention to your foot-wear. Shoes must be well pulled up. It is also necessary that you pay attention to your hair-cut. Where applicable, it should be well combed. One should also pay attention to one’s finger nails. They should be clean and free from accumulation of dust. We must also see that no bad or repulsive odor emanates from us. In some cases bad odor may emanate from the mouth. In other instances there might be the smell of sweat. Some can not Scand very strong scents. Clean, sparkling, white teeth definitely create a good impression and it enables you to smile without inhibitions. In the case of certain individuals, dust accumulates in the corners of their eyes. They should be mindful of this and remove it. Lastly, your forehead and face should not be oily or dripping with sweat. With proper dress and grooming one should look smart and impressive. Attention to your physical appearance is thus very important to make the right first impression.

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