Visiting Patient

• If someone is sick or hospitalized, visit him in person if the doctor allows. If it is not allowed, you can call his family for an update on the patient’s health and recovery.
• Ask the family of the patient if they require something. While visiting the patient, either take those things with you or send them through courier. If they do not ask for anything, continue sending flowers or take some fresh fruits with you. It is good idea to send good self-help and inspirational book to the patient to help in building his/her morale.
• Give patient hope; even if the patient is in poor condition and you are worried about him/her.
• Keep your voice low, turn your cell phones off while visiting hospitals and clinics and make sure that you visit only during the “visiting hours”. Be polite to the staff and cooperate with them.
• If you are a patient and are leaving the hospital, buy a small gift and leave it at the reception or in your room to show your dedication to all those who took care of you.

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