Importance of Voice and Words in Life

The initial impression created by your appearance is immediately confirmed or contradicted by your voice and words. Words are the media to convey your thoughts, feelings and mind. They are the instruments with which you establish effective contact with people. To begin with, people are affected by the tone of your voice. A wailing or whining voice has an instant depressing effect on those who hear it. Similarly, the voice can at once show your interest, sincerity, warmth, enthusiasm and keenness. It can indicate regard, respect, arrogance or submissiveness. It can convey sincerity or affection. A pompous, superior tone invariably produces an adverse effect. It makes one feel that he is being regarded as inferior or even as an intruder. In the same way, friendliness, cheerfulness and genuine interest can be relayed by the mere tone of your voice. The tone of your voice can thus be regarded as a kind of mirror of one’s personality. Confidence, determination, understanding, sympathy, irritability, haste, superciliousness-all these and amny other personality traits of an individual can be detected from the tone of his voice and the manner of his expression. The voice and speech can make an immediate impression either in favor or against the speaker, on those who hear them. One should therefore carefully and assiduously develop the act of speaking in a manner to attract rather than to repel.
Next to the tone we adopt, the choice of words is important. The words, phrases and expressions we use will give an insight to our personality. It does not mean that we should use long, bombastic words. At the same time, repetition of stereo-typed catch words, set phrases and cheap imitative expressions will indicate poor education, poverty or vocabulary and slovenliness. To create the right impression, voice and words are thus very important.

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