Taking Sincere and Genuine Interest in the other Person

One sure and definite way of creating a good initial impression on the other person is to take a real, keen, sincere interest in him. Without such sincere and human interest, the other attributes we considered may not be able to deliver the goods. In order to arouse others’ interest we must first get interested in him. We must direct our attention away from ourselves. We must be genuinely interested in his requirements, ideas, aspirations, views, conversation and environment and so on. Most human beings can not help but positively respond to people who show an interest in the things they are interested in. If we do a self analysis and ascertain why we like certain individuals, we will find that they have invariably shown a real interest in our matters. A genuine interest helps to create an immediate, sympathetic, mutual contact which is termed as rapport. It shows the common ground. Positively ugly, often unintelligent people are liked by others because they have this great quality in them. They are genuinely interested in the other person. They listen to him with interest and enthusiasm. They appreciate him warmly and generously. They show real concern, sympathy and feeling towards the other person. All of us, human beings, are hungry for recognition and appreciation. Recognition and appreciation are regarded by one and all as deserving praise. It is encouragement to strive for still greater accomplishment. To have a friend you must be a friend.

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