Married Life Manners

Success in married life depends on each other, instead of expecting someone right for you, first of all be sure that are you right one for him or her. It is not only the process of living with each other but it is the experience of sharing emotions, feelings, choices and more important love. As the time passes, love grows further.
Before purposing someone, it is better to know his or her habits, qualities and faults. So that you can adjust yourself in the life after marriage. It is the fact that no one is complete in all respects. When you know his or her abilities, qualities as well as faults. Then you can achieve your goal by quickly accepting the facts.
Married life also involves facing of sacrifice together for the sake of one another. Ignoring each other other’s faults and defects.

• Never treat badly or dishonor your life partner in presence of someone.
• Never speak rudely your life partner’s parents or relations.
• when your life partner is angry. Keep quite or leave the place.
• Praise or admire your life partner in presence of parents, relations etc.
• Take your life partner to picnic, party etc.
• Bring gifts for him or her.
• Respect each other’s opinion and suggestions before making any decision.
• Treat your life partner’s parents, relatives, and guests as your own.
• Make a friendship with your life partner so that you can easily share your expressions and opinions with each other.
Before Marriage Decisions
• Before commitment with someone, have a talk and find his or her, qualities, like and dislike , personal behavior, abilities and faults.
• Before finalizing your proposal, consult with your elders, parents or friends for opinion.
• Make a friendship with him or her so that you can find merits and demerits before making commitment.

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