Personal Matters Manners

Taking Care of Your body and Own Cleanliness
Love and take care of your body. A healthy man should be slim and smart. To make yourself appealing, it is necessary to maintain:

• The original posture
• Shape of the body
• Color of the skin
It can be achieved by
• Healthy diet
• Weekly Facial and head massage
Daily Exercise

Removing unnecessary hairs from parts of the body such as underarms, ears, nose etc. Natural oils and herbs can be used to wash your hair and skin.

• Use water for bathing which is not too hot or too cold. To take a bath, it is better to use water which is not above or below the body temperature. Take a bath twice a day and use good bathing soap.
• If you stay in air conditioned environment, it is better to take steam bath once or twice a month.

• Wear loose-fit dress before you sleep.
• Use only one pillow to sleep. It may bend your neck bone.

• Before you leave your bedroom, change your night dress and fold your bed.

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