Dating Advice For Women

Dating isn't as easy as it used to be. There was a time, not that long ago, when a woman could spend an evening with a man then wait for him to call for that anticipated second date and not have to worry about phone call rules or when to text message him. It's not that easy anymore. Men and women are now being subjected to all types of advice regarding when to call each other and when not to call. Gone are the days when the phone was simply used as a tool of communication. It's now become an integral piece of the dating dynamic. When it comes to calling men, dating etiquette suggests you shouldn't be the one doing the calling at all.
The basis for this bit of dating advice is simple. Women are more independent now and with that independence come choices. Even if you had an incredible time with a man and you anticipate the date progressing into a relationship, you shouldn't be the one calling. By not calling men, dating women are silently getting a very important message across. That message is that they want to be pursued and aren't going to be the one begging for attention.
Men also use the telephone as a tool of manipulation at times. If a man isn't completely sure of how you feel about him, he may intentionally not contact you at all. If you track him down within days, he's going to feel that he has a firm hold on you. Once a man senses that, he instinctively doesn't feel he needs to try as hard to win your affection. A much better alternative when it comes to calling men, dating women should employ, is to simply wait to hear from him, regardless of how long that takes. It can be tough to be patient, but this is one instance, when patience will get you exactly what you want and that's the man you are interested in.

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