Advice for Men to Dress to Impress

Don't you secretly admire handsome, distinguished looking gentlemen exuding their personality? Don't you just adore men with a great sense of dress, with a charm to match? Almost all women do! It takes years of experience to polish an average man's image to make him look suave and sophisticated. And dressing up is one of the most important aspects of this image building.
So, whether you are at the workplace, facing an interview or with your woman, it is pretty important to be properly attired. You would be amazed to know that nonverbal elements, like your body language, clothing, grooming and accessories can swing a hiring decision in your favor or enhance your promotional prospects at the workplace. People make amazing assumptions about your potential based on your appearance during the first meeting itself. Even women notice every little thing about you. It matters to them, whether your hair are washed and styled, your fingernails are clean and manicured, your clothes are neat and shoes polished, and you smell nice. For them cleanliness and neatness counts! So, first impressions in any scenario matter a lot. A poor first impression will brand you forever and prove extremely difficult to overcome afterwards, regardless of your standing and competence.
Now who better than a woman to tell you how to look your best! Lana has spent almost two decades in beauty and fashion industry to give you a total image makeover. For example, if you are appearing for an interview, she will help you select the right apparel, fragrance, hairstyle, and the like that is in sync with your professional image. She has the expert's eye to help you project yourself in the most positive manner at the workplace or in an interview. On the romantic front, she knows what your girl would expect from you. For instance, you might think the smell of your sweat is manly and sexy, but most women would strongly disagree! Leave it to Lana to guide you on how to groom and polish yourself to enhance your image.
A sampling of her advice for a date would convince you that Lana is worth a call or a visit. She reiterates that when it comes to men, women are most discerning. So, if you're going out specifically to meet your ladylove for the first time or on a blind date, be sure to take some extra time getting ready. Make sure your hair is done properly, your nails are filed and cleaned, your teeth are brushed and you wear a hint of cologne (remember, women have sharp noses!). In other words, your woman will respond to the image you present. Lana helps you in figuring out what this image is. Based on what image you presently portray, she will recommend the necessary changes. Not only this, she will take you through the steps to help attain all round perfection by honing you body language, refining your dress sense and other essential etiquette. She will also ensure that you act the part that you ultimately project. After she is done with you and has given you a complete personality overhaul, you will automatically start taking pride in how you look and instantly improve your chances of success!

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Cherry Flitcher said...

People make amazing assumptions about your potential based on your appearance during the first meeting itself. Even women notice every little thing about you.

Cherry Fletcher @ Acne and Treatment

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I am extremely impressed along with your writing abilities, Thanks for this great share.

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