Handling the promotion interview

In large organization and government bureaucracies, there might be several people applying for the same promotion position. One way of processing the applicants is to call them for an interview. There are several points you will want to consider before attending a promotion interview.

Plan your approach
Try to establish who will be on the interviewing panel. Take into account the personalities of these people when thinking through your interview approach.

Prepare your materials

Write out on a note card the major issues which you wish to discuss during the interview. You can count on one question being asked of you at the end of the interview: Do you have any questions which you would like to ask?
Consult your note card or your memory at this point and raise any outstanding issues.
If your job is one where drawings, documents or other materials might be of interest and help, have them with you and think ahead how you might use these resources. Do you need a stand, projector or other equipment? If so, be certain that suitable provision is made beforehand.

Perform as calmly as possible

If calmness under interview conditions is not your strong suit, then relax.
During the interview, do not feel you have to blurt out an instantaneous answer to each question. There is considerable advantage in pausing for a few seconds, pondering the issue and then responding. Silence can be a powerful tool for the calm, composed and confident interviewee.

Ponder your strength and weaknesses following the interview

Acquiring effective interviewing skills is a matter of experience. Rather than breathe a sigh of relief and forget the whole grueling experience, go back to your work place and make some notes about your strong and weak points during the interview. Review these notes prior to succeeding interviews.

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