Business and Social Etiquette

It is tactful to make people feel at ease. This is always appreciated. You will know what to do and say if you place yourself imaginatively in the others place.
It is tactful to show appreciation of services done on your behalf. Do this sincerely and not in a cursory way.
It is tactful to make others feel important. We are all born egotists. People thrive on praise and the assurance that they are needed and doing a worthwhile job.
Be liberal, then, with praise and appreciation. That does not mean flattery and the smooth tongue. Look for things to praise and you will find them. Everyone has good points.
It is tactful to be courteous at all times and to all people. Rudeness and brusqueness seldom pay. In other words, show deference to people, remembering that they are not inferiors or hands or public servants, but human beings.
Tact also show itself in respecting what others hold dear, particularly religion, politics, race and family. Anything which another feels deeply about must be treated with understanding and sympathy.
Life offers a thousand situations where a little tact will act as oil in machinery. For example, it is tactful to be punctual. If you feel you have made some mistake, it is tactful to acknowledge it immediately and apologize.
When you make a phone call, you are, quite uninvited, thrusting yourself into someone’s time and attention. It is tactful, therefore, to apologize for the intrusion; you do not know what activity you may have interrupted.
It is tactful not deliberately to defy convention. The man who attends a formal dinner casually dressed lets himself down badly, annoys his fellow-guests and embarrass his host.
Another sign of tact is to avoid monopolizing conversation. Other people like to talk as well as yourself, so give them a chance. Particularly if you are a newcomer to a group, beware of being too talkative.
It is obvious from the foregoing that to be more tactful is a certain way of living harmoniously with your fellows.

Being human, your employer wants value for his money. He also wants the best people in the key positions of his business. The best people, in his judgment, are those who give him most for his money. Impress your boss in the following ways.

Consistent lateness is daylight robbery. You are paid to be at your post for certain hours. See you are there.
Secondly, don’t waste his materials either by bad workmanship or using them for your own purposes.
Thirdly, don’t waste time. Avoid gossiping, making private phone-calls, doing personal jobs, extending lunch and tea breaks, and leaving before time.
Lastly, do your word to the best of your ability. Your employer expects that from you. He engaged you on that assumption. Shoddy, third-rate work is a form of pilfering.

Dress appropriately for the job. Look tidy and clean to start the day, even though your work entails getting dirty.
Improve your speech. No matter what your job, this will help you. People judge you by the way you speak. If your speech is clear and attractive, it will help to mark you out for promotion.
Extend your general education. In many situations, a good general education will place you head and shoulders above your fellows.

Find out why you do what you do. Know something of the history of your job, your trade or profession, your firm. Visualize its future development.
See your particular work in relation to the ultimate objective or finished product. Think how your work is contributing to the welfare of others.
Ask questions concerning your job. You may hit upon some idea for improvement and progress. Questions reveal not so much ignorance as an inquiring mind.
Most important, seriously consider studying for further qualifications. In this day of fierce competition, there is little chance of advancement without them.

Employers like folk who are willing to undertake new work, new responsibilities, or who are willing to do something extra to their duties. Willing people make the lot of the business executive so much easier. They ensure the success of any enterprise. They enhance their own value.

Cheerfulness is allied to willingness, and is equally valued by employers.
Promotion will go to the cheerful rather than to the moaning employee. Cheerfulness makes you likeable. It puts people on your side and paves the way for advancement.

Try to keep on good terms with everyone at your place of employment. You will then be doing your share to keep the organization running smoothly and happily.
This will work in your favor also. If you are known to get on well with people, it will be a point to your advantage when promotions are being considered. You are hardly likely to be put in charge of others if it is thought you would upset them and cause them to resign. The biggest factor in maintaining good relationships is tact.

Taut, strained employees are not the most efficient. They tend to make mistakes, ruin human relationships and go on the sick-list. Therefore, work hard on the job, but don’t take its problems home with you. You ‘ll do better work on duty if you have a complete change when you ‘re off. You will keep fitter, too. Every day you are away ill you are a complete loss to your employer.

You will never be good work in a job you hate. If you are in that unfortunate position, either change your job or your attitude to it.
Think of the advantages of your job-the security it gives you, the essentials of life it enables you to buy, the contribution it makes to human life and happiness. Dwell on these rather than on its disadvantages. Remember, too, that no job is ideal in every way.
It is well worth while cultivating a liking for your job. Day by day you will go to it eager, fresh and happy. To such people promotion comes inevitably.

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