Eating Etiquettes

• Wash your hands before taking your meals. It is in keeping with the rules of cleanliness and neatness that your mind should be satisfied about the cleanliness of your hands before starting the meal.
• Do not take a big morsel, nor a small one. Put the second morsel into your mouth only after swallowing the first one.
• Eat out of the plate from the edge which is nearest to you. Do not put your hand in the middle of the plate nor extend your hand to eat from that edge of the plate which is nearer to other diners.
• Do not find fault with the food. Leave it if you don’t like it.
• Do not eat while the food is piping hot or simmering.
• Do not sniff the food needlessly. It is a bad habit. Do not often open your mouth so wide during dinner that the other people may see the food you are munching between your teeth, nor should you pick your teeth repeatedly in the course of eating. The other diners will find this habit disgusting.
• Do not blow on the articles of food. The breath that we exhale is polluted and poisonous.

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