Married Life Etiquette

• Treat your wife well in life. Discharge your obligations towards her with a liberal heart and adopt a favorable and self-sacrificing attitude in every matter concerning your wife.
• Entertain a good opinion about your wife as far as possible and adopt an attitude of politeness, toleration and magnanimity for the sake of amicable living with her. If she lacks beauty of face or person or is deficient in good manners, morality, good sense or skill in household affairs, bear these faults with patience. Look to her virtues and maintain a harmonious relationship by means of generosity, liberality of mind and self-sacrifice.
• Adopt an attitude of forgiveness and kindness. Forget all the faults of omission, actions and disobedient attitude of your life partner.
• Treat your wife politely and show love and affection to her.
• Make liberal provisions for all the needs of your wife and do not stint in expenses.
• Obey your husband with a willing heart and feel pleasure and satisfaction in being faithful to him.
• Protect your honor and chastity. Keep away from all matters or activities which contain a possible threat to violate your honor or chastity.
• It should be your permanent concern to make your husband happy by your words, actions, behavior and manners. This is the real secret of a successful marriage.
• Love your husband and value his companionship.
• Feel happy in doing service to your husband and afford maximum comfort to him at the expense of your own in-convenience.
• Observe cleanliness, manage your household affairs wisely and look after the decoration and furnishing of your homes. Arrange everything tidily and use things with proper care and skill. A clean and tidy home, neatly furnished rooms, good management of household affairs and home economy and a beautiful dressed and adorned wife wearing a pleasant smile on her lips… all this charges the home atmosphere with currents of deep love and affection and the martial life is enriched with happiness and blessings.

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