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People work for various reasons, but if they are not getting basic work satisfaction in the forms of stimulation, challenge, encouragement and reward, then their concentration could well suffer. We all know the difficulty of trying to put our heart into something which is just patently uninteresting, perhaps even boring. Boring tasks are part of most jobs, but these tasks must be done. If your work seems to be more boring and less stimulating and challenging than you would like, then do something actively about the situation.

• Ask yourself if you are in the right job for your skills and abilities. If you think you may not be in the most suitable job, talk with an employment counselor about the possibility of a job change.
• If you are satisfied to stay in your job and suffer boredom daily, think about ways of adding variety to your workday: change the order of your work duties; consider a job exchange with another person in the organization.
• Actively look for new and more effective ways to do the same chore.
• Focus upon the rewards for doing the task. Mentally reward yourself for getting through the really nasty and boring aspects of the job.
• Ask yourself how the job is benefiting you. Look for new ways that you can proper by doing the job more quickly.
• Make the difficult parts of your job a personal challenge. Use relevant rewards and be proud of yourself for persevering to job’s end.
• Break large and difficult jobs into shorter and more manageable tasks.
• Become task and time specific in your work. Keep a log of difficult jobs and the time required to complete them.

Just as a poor work attitude and strong emotional reactions can erode your concentration at work, the basic conditions of your workspace can also cause concentration lapses. It is worthy of brief mention that certain factor in your physical environment can affect your concentration. Ideally, the optimal concentration your workspace should be:
• Free of loud and disturbing noises.
• Physically comfortable.
• Well-lit.
• Well-ventilated.
• As distraction-free as possible.
The first four of these conditions fall more within the province of your employer. The final item, making your workspace as distraction-free as possible, is more likely to be your responsibility. Keep your desk top or work space tidy and clear of concentration disruptors. Re-arrange your work space so that you are not adversely affected by glare, strong drafts, and invasions by work-mates. By re-designing your workspace, you will be pleasantly surprised at the positive change in your concentration powers.

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Focus upon the rewards for doing the task. Mentally reward yourself for getting through the really nasty and boring aspects of the job.

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