Checklist to Make Daily Planning Work for You

• Prepare a personal daily planning sheet and make some photocopies. Have your pad of planning sheets ready for use each day.
• Establish the habit of planning your day as soon as you get to work. Getting your tasks down in writing is the most important task at the start of your workday.
• Be sure that your planned projects and time limits are realistic. Trying to conquer too large a task in too short time is only setting yourself up for failure-not a positively motivating experience!
• Reward yourself as you work through the tasks on your list, especially when you keep to the scheduled time.
• Build into your daily plans sufficient variety to keep you interested and motivated.
• Don’t forget to add daily exercise to release any tensions generated at work or at home.
• Periodically assess your planning. Can it be done more effectively? Discuss your planning approach with a colleague respected for high efficiency.
• Practice saying ‘No’ to others who unnecessarily intrude. ‘No’ is a difficult word to say, but with conscientious practice, you should be able to say ‘No’ firmly, but with tact and diplomacy.
• Plan ahead for special leisure events and use these activities as rewards for getting specified high priority jobs done.
• Plan for some time each day for creative thinking, developing ideas or solving work-related problems.
• Feel good about becoming more organized. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with becoming more time and task effective. Your boss will certainly agree!

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