Meeting each other

• Whenever you meet someone, greet him with a smiling face. Express your sentiments of felicity.
• Put on a clean dress when you go to call on someone; do not go out in dirty dress nor wear expensive garments while going to visit someone in order to impress him with your costly dress.
• When you intend to visit someone, make an appointment with him first. Never visit anybody at inconvenient hours.
• When someone calls on you, greet him with an affectionate smile. Offer him a seat in a respectful manner and entertain him according to the occasion.
• When you call on someone, confine yourself to talking about useful matters. Do not waste time in useless conversation, otherwise the people will dislike and avoid you.
• While visiting somebody, do not forget to carry some suitable gifts with you. Exchange of gifts deepens feeling of mutual love and affection.
• If a needy person calls on you, try to fulfill his need to the extent of your means. However, if you can not comply with his request, you should decline in a polite manner. Do not keep him in hopeful illusions.
• If you call on someone to seek his assistance in need, tell him your requirement in a courteous manner. If he fulfills your need, thank him. But if he declines, never mind; and return cheerfully.
• Do not always expect others to call on you. You should also pay visits to others off and on. It is the most pleasant thing to develop social relations and to serve others in need.
• When a group of people call on someone, the man who is talking should represent all his companions. Never try to press your importance or give prominence to your own self ignoring the presence of your other companions.

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