Increase Your Life Happiness

Do you want to be happy? Of course, you do. And rest assured happiness is within your reach. Here’s how you will achieve it.

Serve Other People – It is one of Life’s strange paradoxes that we find happiness for ourselves while trying to give it to others. Remember when you did someone a good turn, how smug and comfy you felt inside? You were, in fact, happy. Deeply, truly happy.
The moral is obvious - If you want more happiness, help others more. Let your whole life be geared to the service of humanity. Look upon your daily work in that way. It will transform everything.
All around you people are needing help. What can you do in your spare time to relieve suffering or loneliness or poverty? How about joining some organization which exists to help others? What about social service groups, the Samaritans, the Ambulance Associations?
Or privately, are there not a few lonely old folk you could visit, or and orphan you could be friend, or some sick people to whom you could write? In losing your life in this way, you will surely find it.

Have a Hobby – Be sure to have a hobby. Preferably let it be a creative one. You will find it thrilling to see something taking shape under your hands, whether it is a vase, a cabinet, a woolen cardigan or a poem.
Money-making should not be the main object of your hobby, though if it does more than pay for itself, well and good. If your hobby make a contribution to the well-being of others, better still. It will then make the maximum quota towards your happiness.

Learn to Like Your Job – You probably spend at least half your waking hours earning your bread and butter. To be happy, therefore, your daily work must contribute towards that state. You must get satisfactorily adjusted to your job.
First, take an interest in it. Do it to the best of your ability. Find out all you can about it. See whether you can introduce any new ideas or improvements. Discover the origins of your firm and trace its history.
Secondly, bear in mind the final results of your job. May be they are gleaming, useful products. Visualize people owning them and being proud of them. If you are a miner, remember the comfort and domestic happiness your work makes possible. If you work on the land, it is a fact that people are depending on you for their food. Think of the canteens, restaurants and homes where people are eating food you helped to grow.
Thirdly, determine to excel in your work, however humble or difficult it might be. Excellence can not long go unnoticed, and promotion will bring its own rewards, not only materially, but in a sense of satisfaction and achievement.
If the cultivation of these attitudes fails to make you like your job , thinks seriously about changing it.

Have Some Social Life – Man is a gregarious animal; he hates to be alone and he seeks the company of his fellows. To be completely happy, therefore, see you have sufficient social intercourse. Join a club, society, church or organization. This will prevent you from becoming too preoccupied with yourself. It will help to make you approachable, friendly and popular. These qualities alone will bring a quota of happiness.
When with others, seek to give rather than sit back and wait to receive. Make your contribution to the conversation; play your part in whatever activity is expected.
If you are reserved, think more about others than yourself. Go out of your way to be pleasant and helpful to others, especially to anyone who looks lonely. If conversation dries up, remember to ask a question which will encourage the other to talk about himself or his interests.

Arrive at a Philosophy of Life – Many find a belief in God gives them happiness. Others hold the atheist position with courage and resignation. Think through to one or other.
Remember, happiness is your birthright; don’t be content until you get a large measure of it. Of course, no one is completely happy all the time. Frustrations, disappointments and sorrows are inevitable. They must be endured bravely, with no fuss and no self-pity. That way, it will not be long before you are happy once again.

No More Woolly Thinking

You spend the best part of your waking life thinking, so you had best check you are doing it properly. Some think in the right way, coming to valid or trustworthy conclusions. Many think loosely, unreliably, frequently arriving at false conclusions. As your personality is influenced by what you think and by the conclusions you arrive at, it is important to think validly.

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Be sure to have a hobby. Preferably let it be a creative one. You will find it thrilling to see something taking shape under your hands, whether it is a vase, a cabinet, a woolen cardigan or a poem.

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