Spending Manners

Spending on useful items is totally wasting of your money. Before shopping, ensure first your requirements or needs. Do not buy something to impress others.
You can save your money and fuel through buying monthly or weekly grocery shopping. In this way, you can save your earnings as well as your time. Make two lists of monthly or weekly grocery items like one list for non-perishables. For example: soap, detergents, shampoos, sodas, jams etc. Other list for perishables. For example: fresh vegetables, fruits, eggs, bread, milk, meat etc. If you do so, it is observed that your monthly bill will be reduced significantly.
Many people are in the habit of buying everything either which is required for them or not. It is useful to know these things before buying.

Do you need it?
Is it beautiful, in look, color, shape etc?
Is it suitable for the place you are considering buying it for?
If you observe these few guidelines, you will see spending and shopping halved.

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