Guest Etiquette

It's a lot of fun to go to parties and celebrate various occasions with your friends and family but sometimes we forget about good guest party etiquette. These are the rules or guidelines that help keep us from infringing on the goodwill and goodtimes of our hosts and of course make them all the more likely to invite us back to the next party.
1.) Take a small gift to the party. No matter what type of party it is, you'll always be on safe ground to take a small gift for the hosts. At a baby shower this would a gift for the baby, such as a diaper bag or baby bottles. At a Labor Day party the gift is more likely to be in the form of a casserole or dessert item to add to the buffet.
2.) Arrive at the stated time of the start of the party, but not too much before. Every party will have a couple of guests who show up half an hour to an hour before the party begins. It's a little bit awkward for the host who may still be running around trying to get the finishing touches of the party together. Its better to wait and try to arrive at a party about fifteen to thirty minutes after the stated start time. This way you give the host plenty of time and give other guests a chance to arrive at the party to mingle with.
3.) Always thank the host for having such a good time. This may take the form of thanking them on the way out the door or sending a thank you letter a few days later. It depends on the importance of the occasion. You probably don't need to send a thank you letter for the Labor Day party, but it might be nice to send a quick note to the host of a bridal shower who took a lot of time and effort to put together the party for the bride.
4.) Don't overstay your welcome at the party. Some guests may not realize just when the party is over and can overstay their welcome in an attempt to keep the fun going. Remember to watch the clock and listen for subtle hints such as, 'boy, its getting late' from your hosts or other guests.
1. When you pay a visit to someone as a guest, do take some gifts for the host or for his children according to your means.
2. Do not always be a guest of others. Invite others also to be your guests and entertain them liberally.
3. When you go to stay as a guest with somebody, take necessary baggage according to the season along with you.
4. Keep in mind the engagements and duties of your host. Take care of your host’s occupation, duties and engagements are not in anyway disturbed by your presence as guest with him.
5. Do not make all sorts of demands on your host. Do not put him in any extraordinary trouble.

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