Hosting Parties Manners

Get-together and hosting parties at home is the good way of making friendships and make stronger existing friendships. Although it is quite impossible to arrange big parties at home frequently. But some relatives, friends or colleagues could be invited at home for a dinner or lunch once a month.
People love to be invited or being hosted, either it is a breakfast, lunch, tea or a dinner party.
At this occasion, the first thing is to make a budget for party. First decide your budget, then decide on the number of guests and menu.
Decide the names of the guests and date and time of the party keeping enough time for people to plan for it. Also keep in mind to decide the seating arrangements for your guests, before, during and after the meal. Spend some time in finalizing the menu. Remember that the menu for tea and dinner should not look the same.
If you have invited strangers in your party remember that it is yours responsibility to introduce them to each other.
Never delay dinner more than fifteen minutes. If there is any guest you are waiting for, it is being ill-mannered and disrespectful to put other guests on wait.

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