Bringing up The Children

• Celebrate the birth of a child with joy and exchange messages of congratulation on such occasions.
• Always treat your children with affection, love and tenderness. Keep them happy by providing for their needs and requirements according to your means. Promote sentiments of loyalty and devotion in your children.
• Always keep your children clean and neat. Take care that they are clean, neat and bathed. Keep their dress clean.
• Do not point out the faults of your children in the presence of others and strictly abstain from degrading or hurting the self-respect of your children.
• Praise them generously even for their ordinary virtues in order to boost up their morale. Make constant endeavors to encourage them, and to foster self-confidence and boldness in them so that they may strive for the highest goals in the field of life.
• Inculcate the habit of self help in children. They should not look to the servants to do every little job for them. This habit makes the children lazy and crippled in some ways.
• Always present a good practical model before the children. Your own life style serves as a mute and permanent precept for your children. Children constantly learn and adopt lessons from your own conduct in life. Do not tell a lie even as a matter of fun before the children.

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