Health Manners

Appreciate Your Health – A good health should be cherished and should not be neglected. Health, when once goes down, is difficult to regain.
Do not overtax your body – Do not strain your physical system. Since bodily energy has a limit, it can not stand excessive pressure. It has to be preserved, maintained and used moderately.
Cultivate Habit for Hard Work – Always lead a hard-working life with chivalrous behavior. Be prepared to face difficult situations in life. Avoid temptation for comfort and ease and love for worldly attractions.
Early to Bed and Early to Rise – Develop the habit of early to bed and early to rise in the morning. Be moderate in sleeping; it should be neither less which may not refresh your body nor excessive which may cause torpidity and sluggishness.
Exercise and Walking – Go out for a walk in the open field or garden. The fresh air is good for health. Depending upon your physical capability have some light exercise.
Control over desires – It is necessary to have control over your desires-desires relating to your feelings, thoughts, likings and lusts.
Care of the Eyes – Take good care of your eyes. Don’t expose your eyes to glaring light. Also refrain from looking towards the sun with a set gaze. Do not keep awake till late hours. Enjoy the sight of green fields, gardens and other green pastures. This is good for eyesight.

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