Facebook Manners - Proper Facebook Etiquette For Your Business

Facebook has become a universal fetish for teens, college students, moms, dads, business people, musicians, artists, baby boomers, grandmas and grandpas...there is no limit to the reach of Facebook. Frightening?
Naaaahhh...but one must realize that this social movement requires you to learn some Face book manners! (especially if you're looking to do any marketing on Face book or if you're trying to make money with Face book).
So what's this "Face book Etiquette" thing all about? Well, it might be easier to start by talking about what NOT to do on Face book so you can avoid getting labeled as a "spammer" or as so many people call them today an "idiot marketer". To remain in what many "Facebookers" would call appropriate Face book marketing etiquette, DO NOT:
1) DO NOT: Post on your wall 5, 10, 20 or 50 times a day about whatever it is you're trying to market. This is the worst thing you can do and you'll only have people on Facebook "un-friending " you if you keep this crap up.
2) DO NOT: Send out your friend request with a link to your business or site...Think about it...Facebook is about relationships and you're already labeling yourself as the sleazy salesman/saleswoman...no one wants to be friends with people who are just looking to take your money.
3) DO NOT: Spam people's inboxes with whatever it is you think is "soooo" great or "soooo" important. Just because you enjoy what you're doing, doesn't mean everyone else on Facebook wants to do it. Oh, and definitely don't send these spammy emails everyday! We can't stand you people! This is the fastest way to get black balled in the Facebook community.
If you're getting hit with hard with marketing messages by people that you've met on Facebook, do these people a favor...
TELL THEM TO STOP! You don't have to put up with bad Facebook Marketers and poor Facebook Etiquette. What I suggest, you tell people is..."Hey, we just met. You're coming on a little heavy with the marketing. I'm here on Facebook to create relationships and to meet people. Slow down."
Think of it in the "dating" context. You're not going to go out on a date with a hot chick or a hot guy and try to get to third base on the first date (unless your goal is to get slapped and walked out on). If you just met someone you have to talk to them, ask questions, share info about your likes and dislikes...you can see where I'm going with this. The same rules apply in the world of Facebook. Don't try and hit one out of the park when you just meet someone. Take the time to create a relationship and get to know people. This takes a little bit of work, but it will pay off. By creating healthy, "real" relationships you will be able to share ideas, network, and find the right people to buy into what it is you have to offer.
That's it. Pretty simple. Just stay away from the "short cuts" and easy temptation to just blast out your marketing to every kid, mom, grandpa, business person, and everyone else you meet on Facebook. Do it the right way and have some Facebook Manners!

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