Simple Eating Etiquette Tips

As long as your are at home alone, you can eat like an animal, if that's your desire.  Just go ahead, gulp your food, chew with your mouth open, lick your fingers, and drink from the milk carton.  No one will ever know this truth about you.  But when you eat in the presence of others, it is entirely another matter. I'm sure that most of the time, you know what to do, but sometimes you may have doubts, and not be so sure.
Let's just say for example, you have just been served a plate of fried chicken.  Do you sit there a while, not knowing exactly what to do? Do you eat it with your hands like you would at home, or do you tackle it with a knife and fork?
One sure way of being correct for a particular moment, is to watch your host or hostess.  If he or she picks up a drumstick or a chop, then follow suit and do the same. If however, your host is using a fork and knife, then you should also do so.
Some foods are perfectly acceptable to eat with your hands: chicken (at a picnic or barbecue), pizza, fajitas, french fries, asparagus, artichokes, and corn on the cob (eat small increments, not straight across like a typewriter).
How you actually eat the food is only a small portion of good table etiquette. We will try not to bore you with too many do's and don'ts, but a few good table manners never hurt anyone. We will share a few general guidelines that will help you survive any occasion.
Always wait for your host to tell you to sit down before seating yourself. Put your napkin on your lap. Keep it there until you are excused from the table. Fold your napkin loosely and lay it on the table to the left of your plate. If you need to leave the table during the meal, for any reason, leave your napkin on your seat, or the back of your chair, where others will not have to look at it.
Use your flatware from the outside in. Take small bites and serve yourself small portions. Taking small portions always ensures others of having plenty, as well as enabling you to get seconds, which generally are considered a compliment to your host.
While there are many more rules of etiquette, the ones above will carry you through most any meal.  Gaining confidence in your table manners will ensure that you have an enjoyable stress free meal.

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