Make Maturity Your Goal

Maturity is a coveted condition - It increases your prestige, your value as a citizen and your charm as a person. It does much to make life serene, constant and happy.
Maturity should come naturally with the years, but often it doesn’t except in the physical sense.
With a view to increasing your own maturity, give careful thought to the following.

Prejudice – It is easy to see that this word means judgment before all the facts are known. Many of us jump to hasty conclusions. It is a mark of maturity to withhold judgment until all the facts are known.
Prejudice is unfair to others and to yourself. It may mean others suffering an injustice; it may keep you from the truth.

Ignorance – The mature person is ignorant of many things, but knows it. The immature person is ignorant of many things, but does not know it! The former is always seeking to extend his knowledge. He detests the one-track mind and the parochial outlook. His bookshelves reveal his wide interests. He is informed about the past and hopeful of the future. He appreciates that although the progress of mankind is slow, the overall picture is one of steady advance.

Fear – The person acquiring maturity seeks to eradicate fear from his life. Rather than fear his fellows, he interests himself in them. He tries to understand why they behave as they do; the whole bent of his life is towards helping them. He has discovered that perfect love casts out fear.
The mature person has no fears for his health. His temperate life, his good relationships with others, plus his refusal to worry, have brought him to a state of good health in which he is confident he will remain.
He does not fear for his future; he has taken what steps he can to provide for it. For the rest, he has sufficient confidence in himself-and in life-to know there is no cause for anxiety. He faces even death unafraid. He has faced the fact that it is inevitable. Secondly, he is either convinced that death is the end, or it is the doorway to a new and exciting existence. In either event there is naught to fear.
More positively, the mature person is generally found to possess the following qualities.

Tolerance – He regards every man as his brother regardless of color, creed or status.
He accepts that there is more than one way of looking at every question; he lays no claim to a monopoly of the truth. His motto is ‘Live and let live!’ He knows there are few evils which do not contain some good and that man quickly contaminates truth with error. Maturity keeps him from being cocksure, dogmatic, conceited, proud.

Consideration – When a man has reached maturity of mind, he is not so preoccupied with himself as to be regardless of the comfort and feelings of others. He puts himself imaginatively in the place of others and reacts accordingly. He is big enough to do this.

Detachment – Maturity enables a person to view a situation impartially and unselfishly. His attitude to life is like that of an adult at a children’s party-happy in their happiness, and willing to lose, to be overlooked, if it furthers the interests and happiness of others.
Even his own abilities the mature person assesses impartially. He doesn’t allow prowess in any sphere to fly to his head; neither does he engage in mock modesty.

Constancy – The mature person is constant, reliable, and master of his moods. He possesses powers of stick ability and is not deterred by difficulties. He is prepared to work for distant objectives, things which may not materialize for years.

Cheerfulness – The mature person keeps cheerful because he doesn’t take himself too seriously. He can be reprimanded and not sulk, and he can lose with good grace. Above all, he shuns self-pity. He takes full responsibility for his actions and doesn’t look for scapegoats.
Absence of Negative Emotions – No one may call himself mature if he bears grudges or allows hatred to fester within. Neither is he mature if he indulges in jealousy, envy or meanness.

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Cherry Flitcher said...

he mature person is ignorant of many things, but knows it. The immature person is ignorant of many things, but does not know it! The former is always seeking to extend his knowledge.

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