Communication Manners

• Remember that effective communication is a two-way process. It includes both ‘giving’ and ‘taking’. No communication could be effective if it carries just one aspect.
• Don’t talk when listening is more important. Don’t put people off by continuing talking about you and your achievements.
• Never assume that others see what you see and they know and realize what you know and realize, unless it is proved.
• Solutions mostly lie in asking and not in telling. Learn to ask and learn more than you tell.
• Never repeat yourself unless asked by others. Every time something is repeated, it loses interest of some more people.
• Never interrupt a speaker even if you have already heard something unless he/she asks you.
• Learn to listen and you will develop more friends than those who like to talk.
• Avoid saying anything that will not be acceptable to others or will make other feel bad, as much as possible.
• Effective speaking skills and good humor do wonders. However, you must understand that decent humor is different from dirty jokes.
• In conversation, use positive statements and words. You do not have to fire everything that comes to your mouth. Learn to ignore things. Learn to disagree without being disagreeable.
• Never criticize, ridicule or blame people. If you must, find the right time and opportunity. Do not be personal; criticize the behavior, not the person.
• Start a conversation with the things you agree on before talking about the ones you do not. Remember, everyone is hungry of praise and appreciation.
• Be humble and modest if you want to be popular in the society. A successful man is he who makes his listeners feel successful.
• Never speak too fast or too loud. Pitch and tone of voice matters as much as the pace of your voice does. Your language must be sweet and gentle.
• Make calls at a convenient time. Look for others’ convenience, not yours. Be starting to talk about an important matter, always ask if it it right time to discuss it. Keep the conversation as brief as possible.
• All the manners you observe in a conversation also apply during a telephone call like starting conversation with greetings and introduction, keeping the communication brief, being polite and gentle, being clear and precise, and ending the conversation on a positive note and a wish.
• While ordering food at a restaurant, make sure to double-check your order or instructions. Remember that if you do not do so, you will also be responsible for any damages or confusion that might occur due to mis-communication.
• If you served wrongly by a service person, do not criticize him/her aloud. Remember that no one intentionally likes to dissever. While telling the person as to what you ordered and what you got, keep your voice low and do not be rude.

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Be humble and modest if you want to be popular in the society. A successful man is he who makes his listeners feel successful.

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