Positive Emotions

Concerning feeling inferior, this is common. The others probably feel the same. This is because most people had experiences in infancy which made them feel weak, insignificant, foolish, ignorant, dirty, unloved. These memories and impressions, buried deep in the unconscious mind, go on exerting a baleful influence. At least, they will, unless you take steps to render them harmless.

• Try to recall any such humiliating childhood experiences. Get clues by recalling stories told in your family circle about your infancy.
• Keep telling yourself that you refuse to allow childhood experiences to mar your adult life.
• Always think and speak positively about yourself.
• Speak reassuring to yourself as you fall asleep, reminding yourself that you are, in fact, of worth, that you are accepted, respected and loved.

• Dwell upon your uniqueness - No other person on the globe has qualities identical. Therefore you can make a contribution to life no one else can make-hence it is of extreme value. Rare things are always precious.
Be sure to sponge away all feelings of guilt. Guilty people are never completely happy. Ask others to forgive you, do all you can to make amends, and then forgive yourself.
Most guilty feelings spring from the sex impulse. They will evaporate if you accept your sex instinct as a normal part of your human make-up. It should not be a cause for self-reproach and consequent conflict.
The human voice is capable of beautiful sound, even in daily speech. When so many sounds around you are raucous and ugly, why not begin taking a pride in the quality of your voice and speech?

The causes of Poor Speech – Poor speech has two basic causes-environment and laziness. Once you want improvement, an unhelpful environment need no longer affect you detrimentally. Rather let it act as a goad to you to improve your speech.
The tongue and lips, like water, take the path of least resistance. Unless you determine otherwise, they will betray you. Your speech will continue to be, or may become, slovenly. With continued disuse, the muscles controlling the lips are unable to obey the call for action. Good speech becomes impossible.

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